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Specialist Delivery Service

We specialise in the delivery of unusual items.

We offer the best possible service to your business and your customers. We don't just do the last mile, we go all the way by providing the personal service you need to support your business.

Whatever your requirements, however different or difficult, whatever the size, shape, weight or value, it is worth contacting us to see if we have a solution for you.

Delivery of fragile goods

With our experience in logistics and transport, we provide specialist delivery of fragile goods to ensure your items are delivered safely and in one piece.

Our specialist delivery service deals with difficult or strange deliveries that a normal carrier would not want to take on!

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, especially when it comes to delivering difficult deliveries with ease and pride, while helping your business outperform your competitors.

We help your business beyond the standard carrier requirements. Email or call us to discuss your needs