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LAX UK Transport “All The Way'

Regional collection and delivery services in the UK, Ireland and Europe All the Way, i.e. the last mile or last segments of the final distribution chain of goods or services, are the cornerstone of our business.

The objective of last mile logistics is to get items to the end user as quickly as possible. We are proud of our fast and extensive network for our customers to benefit from the fastest transit times and the best end-of-day collection and early morning delivery services.

Our regional services use the same drivers, therefore offering operational flexibility and shorter transit times

This is where we differ from many carriers.

The challenges of the last mile?

One of the challenges of last-mile delivery is the complexity of its implementation.

Delivery in urban areas can be difficult due to traffic regulations and congestions, this can significantly increase fuel costs for last mile logistics.

Nevertheless, we transport consignments every day and can deliver in 24 hours or less. We use the most adapted vehicles from our fleet to suit the selected routes.

We help your business beyond the standard carrier requirements. Email or call us to discuss your needs